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Rooted In Wellness

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I help women get off the wellness struggle bus, prioritize themselves and create a wellness practice that feels good, mind body & spirit.

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How Lifting You Up Works with Women Everyday on Wellness


Authenticity is truth & the truth will set you free. When you show up as your authentic self you are freely expressing who you are, down to the core. That is pure, unconditional freedom, joy, love & happiness.


Alignment in the body, mind, & soul.


Reconnecting to your soul. This pillar is often overlooked. However, this is where breakthroughs are bound to happen. In this pillar you’ll explore different forms of spiritual practices to find a practice that feels good to you.


As an autoimmune warrior and integrative health professional, using clean beauty and skin care products is a no brainer. Part of my mission is to spread awareness of the importance of creating a safe, non-toxic living environment for overall health and wellness.


Connection is medicine. Connection with loved ones, your community, your Self, and nature. When you are connected, you are tuned in to the loving nature of the universe that supports your wellness in all ways & always.

Learn to re-write your wellness story

Now is the time to break out of the ‘status quo’ living & stop playing small.  You deserve to live your best life!