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Women’s Wellness Coaching

I help women connect with their mind, body and spirit to tap into limitless potential

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Lifting You Up’s Mission

I empower women to get off the wellness struggle bus, prioritize themselves and create a wellness practice that feels good - mind, body, and spirit.

I show you how to

feel good & put yourself first

Rooted In Wellness

Our bodies aren't meant to be under constant stress. Illness and disease are linked to a lower vibration. Allow me to help you raise your vibration through Reiki energy work.

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I'm Ready to Thrive

Show up for youself everyday


When you show up as your authentic self you are freely expressing who you are, down to the core. That is pure, unconditional freedom!


Joy, love, and happiness come naturally when you are in alignment with your higher self. Life flows with ease when you live in alignment.



 I hold compassion for each of my clients as they go through my program, as it is a transformational process. When we learn to look through our eyes with compassion we are kinder to ourselves and life gets brighter.


As your coach, I meet you where you are and I encourage you to do the same. I also invite you to explore the parts of you that you may have forgotten existed.



Needing connection with others is what makes us human. Connection with loved ones, your community, your Self, and nature. When you are connected, you are tuned in to the loving nature of the universe that supports your wellness in all ways & always.