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Using holistic health methods, I help women re-connect with their intuition and learn how to make health based decisions from their higher self vs. their ego. We create sustainable and long-term shifts through mindset, spirituality, and physical wellness methods.

Your dream wellness reality (what I call optimal wellness) is available to you, too!

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Lifting You Up wellness pillars


The mind is a power house. Pillar one is all about nailing down your mindset and setting intentions for your healing journey.

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Pillar two dives into taking care of your physical body. Here we learn how to fuel it with nourishing food, regular movement, and respect & love our physical vessel.

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Reconnecting to your soul. This pillar is often overlooked. However, this is where breakthroughs are bound to happen. In this pillar you’ll explore different forms of spiritual practices to find a practice that feels good to you.

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Non-Toxic Living

As an autoimmune warrior and integrative health professional, using clean beauty and skin care products is a no brainer. Part of my mission is to spread awareness of the importance of creating a safe, non-toxic living environment for overall health and wellness.

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Why me?

Because I have felt what you are feeling. I have been where you are. I know how it feels to be lost and overwhelmed in the health and fitness industry. I spend so much time, energy, and money on things that I thought I was suppose to be doing to get healthy.

It is tough to do this on your own. Let me guide you and help YOU heal because it is possible!

Save energy and time in the process and work with a certified coach to help you as you navigate through the healing  journey and move towards your happiest and healthiest life!

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